Are you overwhelmed and don’t know what your next step is?

Have the last couple years been challenging?

Do you need support during your pregnancy or with your new born?

Do you want to learn how to empower your child?

Do you seek effective solutions for your child’s developmental milestones?

Do you want a deeper connection with your child?

Does your child seem addicted to digital devices?

YES to any of the above? Other concerns? Please read on.

How I Help

Today’s world can make parenting more complicated and demanding. I help you strengthen and attain skills, strategies and perspectives that best meet your child’s developmental needs as well as support you to be a connected, confident, consistent and contented parent/ carer.

I offer supportive and effective ways to help you find practical long term solutions utilizing your strengths.

You can be the parent you want to be.

I work with children directly when required.

Prevention and early intervention significantly increases a child’s best outcome. If you have concerns regarding your child’s speech, fine or gross motor skills, social emotional, or cognitive skills we can determine if there is a concern and I can work with you to strengthen the skills and point you towards intervention resources if needed. 

Who Do I Help?

I work alongside parents, grandparents & caregivers to identify their own specific challenges, and coach them through what they are dealing with. We also look at where their child is developmentally, and whether it would be helpful for your child to have individual support if needed.

I teach and provide support with the following:

Setting & Maintaining Boundaries
Power Struggles
Contribution to the Home
Prenatal & Postnatal

Stress / Anxiety
Infants Breastfeeding

Self Care

How It Looks

I believe that you have everything within you to be the parent you want to be and know your child best. A one size fits all approach may not work well given that each child is unique.

I provide a safe, compassionate and confidential environment that is free of judgment. Following a child & family centered approach, I engage parents/carers and children in finding their unique and intrinsic strengths to help them find the answers already within, and teach specific skills when requested. I offer an empathetic ear while providing tools for the changes you seek. I hope to walk beside you as you find the change that brings peace and joy.

You are not alone.

I offer online sessions anywhere in the world.

Parent Mentoring Packages


Indirect support via four telephone sessions held over 6 weeks with email/text support between sessions. 


Direct support via six sessions over 8 weeks with email/text support between sessions.


Direct support via ten sessions over 12 weeks with email/text and phone support between sessions.

New to Parenting

This is for expectant families, with children age 0-6. Six sessions over 8 weeks with email/text support in between.


If more support is needed we can create a package of mixed sessions and support in between tailored to your needs.

Group Sessions

For Parents/Caregivers:

Participating in parent or prenatal groups can bring a sense of belonging and empowerment. As a parent I found community and relief in group work. As a trained and skilled group facilitator, I have successfully facilitated parent and prenatal groups.

Come and join a community. Learn about the importance of healthy attachment, setting boundaries, routines, bringing joy into parenting, and how to be at your child’s side as they explore and learn about the world. Prenatal families will learn about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and about community support services.

Parent groups meet virtually for 10 weekly sessions with others who have children the same age/stage.

For Children:

Children can feel overwhelmed by their emotional responses to stressors. When they struggle they can feel alone or misunderstood. Groups provide a place to connect and empathize with others. Through group work, your child can find their voice and practice new skills in a safe environment with guidance and feedback, while being equipped with the tools to process and manage their emotions.

Children engage in creative activities together, while simultaneously learning about themselves, exploring topics such as self-care, confidence, goals, joy, etc. The process is designed to allow for self-discovery, working through their stressors when they feel ready.

Groups are for ages 7-9,10-12 & 13-15


Simone has been a blessing to my life. I’m a single parent of 3 children all under the age of 10. She supported me with my pregnancy and helped prepare for the delivery of my daughter. Simone guided me in nutrition, my emotional well being and ensuring baby was thriving and meeting her development stages. Her knowledge is extensive. I found her greatest gift was how nurturing, compassionate, kind & loving she is. Simone is a gentle soul and really loves what she does. I am very happy to have her be a part of our family’s growing journey.


I felt I didn’t have the time to take a parenting course or read a bunch of parenting books, so I was looking for advice I could quickly implement. Simone was able to provide tips related to screen-time management, growth mindset for children, mutual respect, boundaries, and creating a daily schedule for my daughter. She guided me through several different questions, which helped me discover that I had many answers already. Simone is caring and professional. I recommend her to any busy parent.


Simone has given me strategies that have worked well for both of my kids. My toddler is incredibly picky with food and has outbursts that can be very difficult. My pre teen daughter has gone through very dismissive and disrespectful stages. The way Simone talks to and encourages my children is gentle and playful and had my daughter thinking about her actions towards me – she treats me much better now. Simone helped me see that I have more strengths than I give myself credit for. She has been very supportive every step of the way and has been very helpful to our family.


About Simone

My passion is to assist families in finding a deep connected dynamic. I have successfully been helping families of all shapes and sizes for over 10 years specialising in improving children’s developmental stages and reaching their goals. I know what it takes for healthy growth and positive change. My deep knowing, compassion & intuition are my superpowers – mixed with my education is what aids in consistent positive results.

As a mother, I understand the complexities that parenting brings, from pregnancy to postpartum time, toddlerhood, and preteen years. I have been a married, separated and divorced mom. ‘I get it’ on so many levels because I have first-hand undeniable experience in challenging situations that occur in parenting, however my son and I are thriving despite those challenges/setbacks. I get how external influences can impact our parenting journey and a child’s development.

I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care with Indigenous Specialization. I have devoured parenting courses, child welfare, mental health courses and readings for many years and have a certificate in Disabilities Studies. I have successfully worked with many children, parents/caregivers – supporting children in schools, their homes, supporting parents and children through agency work and privately.

With my experience in child development from prenatal to age 6, and with older children, years of professional education and training, I have developed a deep understanding of what it takes for parents and children to find peace and to thrive. It brings mejoy to see children do well and help parents feel confident and connected with their children!

Love & Light


Pricing for Single Sessions


$55 for 50 min 

In Person

$70 for 50 mins


$45 for 50 mins

Healing Time With Horses

Time to drop the stress of everyday life in the dirt?!

When working with a horse and caring for it, time slows down, allowing us to find grounding while

building self confidence and resilience

Artwork by Charlie Macksey


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