Where parents can find support in navigating their parenting journey and their child’s developmental stages of language, social-emotional, and physical growth. Parents and children are supported in a confidential non-judgmental space to find their unique internal strengths to help them reach their goals and rise above challenges.

Individual Support & Child Development

Starting in the womb, there are many aspects in a child’s life that impact their development in positive and negative ways.

With a focus of nurturing yourself while pregnant, or nurturing your child’s development, we can work together to to learn what these aspects are and find ways to work with them.


My goal in process group work is to bridge a connection between parents, while accessing the benefits and positive change found in a group dynamic. As a parent I found community and relief in group work.


While individual work provides a private place for a child to work through their stressors,  groups offer peer interaction, collaboration, and connection – while simultaneously working through stressors in a safe environment with others.

Healing Time
With Horses

Time to drop the stress of everyday life in the dirt?!

When working with a horse and caring for it, time slows down, allowing a child to find their grounding while building self confidence and resilience.

My Approach

Following a child-centered attachment-based approach, I engage with children and their parents in finding their unique and intrinsic strengths to help them rise above challenges.

Artwork by Charlie Macksey

Artwork by Charlie Macksey