Simone has been a blessing to my family's life. Simone entered our life over 2.5 yrs ago and supported me with my pregnancy as well as preparing me for the delivery of my paper. She even helped with organizing a doula to support me after my pregnancy as I'm a single parent of 3 children all under the age of 10. Simone went above and beyond guiding me in nutrition, my emotional well being as well as ensuring baby was thriving and meeting the development stages per age. Simone's knowledge is extensive but what I found to be the greatest asset of this lady was how nurturing, compassionate, kind loving she was. She is very gentle in her tone and that spoke volumes for me as I don't respond well to people who are demanding or overbearing!!! Simone is a very gentle soul and really loves her clients. Very happy to have Simone a part of our family's growing journey.


I initially contacted Simone regarding looking for tips on how to manage iPad screen time for our daughter. I myself was spending a good amount of time on my phone reading and our daughter was simply mirroring what she saw in her parents. I also felt I didn't have the time to take a parenting course or read a bunch of parenting books, so I was looking for advice I could quickly implement. Simone was able to provide tips related to screen-time management, growth mindset for children, mutual respect, and creating a daily schedule for children. Simone guided me through several different questions, which helped me discover that I had many answers already inside. Simone is caring and professional, and I would recommend her to any busy parent.